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July 20th, 2012

map accordion book DIY

In this age of digital pictures, it’s good to remember that images can mean something a little more when physically printed out, rather than just living on instagram or facebook. While the idea of keeping big albums of photographs now seems so old-fashioned and time consuming for a lot of us, creating a small book that celebrates a single event is much more doable project!

Accordion books are a very simple bookbinding project that anyone can accomplish. Making a book with a few pictures that represent a shared memory is a perfect gift to give a friend. In celebration of summer road trips, we came up with the idea of an accordion book made from a vintage map! Make sure to check out our Road Trip Pinterest board for some fun inspiration!

Here is a fun DIY video that shows how you can make this book:

In addition, here are the step-by-step instructions for what is shown in the video

Supplies Needed:

Scissors, cover template,  two pieces 8 1/2″ X 11″ colored paper, two pieces of chipboard, road map, glue stick, exacto knife, ruler, bone folder, double stick tape and photos to put in the book.

{Map Accordion Book}

1) Print out cover template onto colored paper (we used a kraft paper)

2) Using scissors, cut template out

3) Cut another piece of colored, unprinted paper to the same size as the template

4) Cut 2 pieces of chipboard to 5 ¼ –inches by 7 ¼ -inches

5) Generously coat one piece of chipboard with glue stick

6) Put the printed template cover face down onto a table

7) Place one piece of chipboard glue-side down on top of paper, centering it

8) Flip over, lay a blank piece of paper over it and use a bone folder to smooth the cover

9) Use an exacto knife to cut away the corner edges of the paper

10) Repeat with remaining chipboard and unprinted back cover paper

11) Fold the unglued flaps of cover paper up, creasing it against the chipboard

12) Apply glue stick to the flaps

13) Fold the flaps inward gluing them to the chipboard

14) Repeat with the back cover

15) Unfold map

16) Trim map to 7-inches by 30-inches

17) Fold into 5” wide panels, folded accordion style

18) Use bone folder to go over folds

19) Cover first panel with glue stick

20) Put back cover of album on table and glue panel to it

21) Apply glue stick to last panel of accordion

22) Stick on front cover

23) Open book up and use bone folder to smooth the glued panels

24) Use double stick tape or glue stick to adhere your photos onto the map pages

(Note about road maps) Since we’re all using google maps now and GPS to get around, you can usually find an old used map somewhere, pretty easily. You can also get them from the AAA or some gas stations still sell them.  We often find them at garage sales, where an entire box worth is a buck or two!

While we are on the subject of old maps, we’re absolutely gaga over these woodblock prints done on old maps by the Best Made Company.

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Have fun!

-Susie & Heidi

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