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July 14th, 2012

tissue paper collage DIY

Tissue paper is one of those materials with magic qualities. It can be voluminous or delicately transparent, soft and crinkly or hard edged and with a rainbow palette of colors, the possibilities seem to be endless. When you were a kid in elementary school, there were a lot of classroom projects using this humble material. The two that instantly come to mind are faux stained glass artwork and bulletin board murals of little glued tuffs.

Last year, when we were designing some new products, I started to experiment with the idea of tissue paper layers and the surprise colors that happen when colors overlap. We just fell in love with the results. That experiment turned into an alphabet of big, colorful letters that eventually made there way to journal covers, cards and mugs. You can see some of the examples here:

Tissue paper collage is an easy and inexpensive project that you can do to create fun artwork for your walls. We did just that for this fun DIY video:

Here are the step-by-step written instructions for what is shown in the video:

Supplies needed:

Base paper (white poster board, heavy cardstock, or illustration board are good), various colors of tissue paper (we used 3), scissors, mod podge, and a brush for glue

{ Big Hope }

1) Cut pieces of tissue paper into letter forms. you’ll have to experiment with sizes and shapes (that’s the fun part!)

2) Prearrange tissue paper letters onto the base paper

3) Starting with the first letter, move tissue paper out of the way so that you can apply glue

4) Using a brush, apply a thin layer of glue to the base paper in the area of the first tissue paper letter

5) Lay down the first tissue paper piece

6) Brush glue over the entire piece of tissue paper to smooth down

7) Lay down the next tissue piece of the letter, and brush with glue

8) Repeat until you letter is complete

9) Move on to the next letter, repeat steps 3-8

10) Brush a thin layer of glue over the entire piece of base paper to seal your artwork.

11) Once it is fully dry…Frame and enjoy!

We hope you enjoy this project and get inspired to have fun with tissue paper. From experience, I can say that it is pretty addicting. Here is a picture of an amazing tissue paper tray project from Cathy Callahan’s Vintage Craft Workshop that you might want to check out:

Big word journals and thank you cards, pictured in post, by Rock Scissor Paper

If you are enjoying the DIY videos that we’re doing with KIN Community, please subscribe so you won’t miss one! You can subscribe HERE.

Enjoy and have fun!


July 8th, 2012

rainbow showers mobile DIY

We recently had the privilage of filming several DIY videos for KIN Community on YouTube. The first of these is a tutorial to make our cheerful rainbow showers clouds. You may remember these clouds from this post where we created them as a backdrop to a photo shoot. We so love these clouds, and think that they would be the perfect decorations for a baby shower. Check out the video here:

Here are step-by-step instructions for what is shown in the video:

Supplies needed:

White tissue paper, thin wire, scissors, raindrop TEMPLATE, range of colored cardstock papers, sewing machine & thread, mini hole punch.

{ Tissue Paper Cloud }

1) Stack 8 sheets of white tissue paper together

2) Fold tissue paper stack accordion style into 1 1/2″ sections

3) Cut 2 lengths of thin wire (floral wire), each approximately 10″ long

4) Using one piece of wire, twist around the center of the folded tissue paper stack, twisting the ends on one side. Leave the ends loose, as these will be where you hang the raindrops from.

5) Thread second length of wire through the first. This will become the wire you hang the cloud mobile from. Twist the wire at one end to secure around the first wire. At the other end of this long wire, twist a small loop to use for hanging.

6) Use scissors to round the corners of the tissue paper stack.

7) Puff out the tissue paper cloud by separating the tissue, layer by layer.

8) When the layers are all puffed out, slightly flatten the puff on the top and the bottom to create a more cloud like shape rather than a ball.

{ Raindrop Chain }

1) Get the raindrop template HERE

2) Print out the template onto cardstock and cut out.

3) Trace and cut out raindrop shape onto assorted colors of cardstock. We used a scrapbooking cardstock stack that was purchased at Michael’s Art Supplies.

4) Using a sewing machine, sew drops into strands. We like to use a light blue or turquoise thread to sew the strand. You can make the strands any length. We used approximately 12 drops per strand. You will need 2 strands per cloud. It looks best if one strand is longer than the other, so adjust the number of drops accordingly. You can always trim the finished strands after you’ve hung it.

(a couple of notes on sewing) You can use a standard sewing needle to sew through the paper drops. Please note that the needle will now be dull and will not work for sewing fabrics, so you’ll have to change out the needle. We keep this needle in a special envelope marked as a “paper needle” for future projects.

5) Use a mini hole punch to punch a hole at the top of each raindrop chain.

6) Hook the raindrop chains to the bottom of the clouds using the 2 tails of wire.

7) Hang the cloud from the ceiling using the long end of wire at the top of the cloud. We like using Command adhesive hooks for this, but you can also use a thumbtack.

Hope you enjoy making these clouds and watching the video! There are more fun DIY videos from us on the way, so be sure to subscribe to KIN Community’s YouTube channel HERE.

Rainbow Showers Invitations available HERE.


-Susie & Heidi

May 23rd, 2012

neon paper party decorations

Neon colors seem to be everywhere right now. Recently, we came across a package of neon colored notebook filler paper at the office supply store and got inspired. The neon colors printed with the fine-ruled lines was just calling out to be folded! So we did just that. With two packages of paper totaling $5.95 we created paper decorations to have a neon themed party.

A store bought, mini cake sits on a pedestal filled with hot pink sugar sprinkles.

Using a heart craft punch, we made these pinwheel flowers and glued them to popsicle sticks to use as a cake decoration. You could easily make smaller versions, glued onto short skewers, and use them for cupcakes.

These colorful decorations would be just perfect for a birthday party or wedding shower.


-Susie & Heidi

May 9th, 2012

make something pretty….for mom!

If you’re celebrating your Mom (or Grandma) this weekend, here’s a pretty way to present her with some homemade treats. You can serve brunch to her at the table or carry a tray in and surprise her in bed. The stenciled word adds a pretty touch to some simple treats such as these Sour Lemon Scones served with Strawberry Lemon Curd and Blackberry Jam.

Here’s how to create it on your own:

Happy Mother’s Day to all our mama friends out there!

- Heidi

March 20th, 2012

we *heart* marimekko

Today’s Google home page featuring a Marimekko illustration reminded me that I never posted photos from our visit to the Marimekko store in New York City this past February.

We had an unexpected afternoon off while visiting New York for a trade show and decided to visit shops for two of our design crushes: the Orla Kiely store in Soho and Marimekko, near Madison Park.

The Marimekko store was an explosion of color and pattern.  We could hardly contain our excitement. The store had so much to look at:  clothing, textiles, pillows, dishes, children’s clothes and toys and more. Our enthusiasm was only damped by the store employee who very sternly advised us that no photography was allowed in the store.  Really, Marimekko? Here’s a few photos I managed to snap before being reprimanded!

- Heidi

March 7th, 2012

take raindrops…..

Definitely words to live by. This new illustration is now on an encouragement card.

Hope your world is filled with rainbows right now :-)

-Susie & Heidi

February 24th, 2012

cats plus color

We came across this awesome cat perch on ETSY the other day and fell in love. That kitty looks so handsome on the orange upholstery, doesn’t he? Cats and color just seem to go together perfectly. Since we love both, we thought it perfect to put together a little eye candy around this theme.

from top to bottom:

cat lounge, vintage cat fabric, 1970’s photo postcard, cat with glasses mug, vintage cat wrapping paper, kitten playing card set, cat pattern notebook, vintage birthday wrapping paper, mambo for cats album art by Jim Flora, and groovy green stripe cat notecards.


-Susie & Heidi

February 11th, 2012

sweetie pies ( plus a free valentine download )

I personally love that at this time of year, magazines and blogs are full of recipes and ideas for Valentine sweet treats. I love baking goodies for my sweetie but they almost always seem to focus on chocolate. Now don’t get me wrong; I love chocolate as much as the next gal, but when it comes to making a treat for my husband, chocolate is never the first choice. It’s all about pie.  As I see it, pie is the way to a man’s heart!

The little sweetie pies shown above are all really quick and easy to make. I didn’t even make my own pie dough for these, instead opting for a good quality store bought brand.  You can make tiny pies in different shapes and fill them with all sorts of flavors.

The rectangular hand pie is filled with black cherry jam and drizzled with icing.  The mini pie in the tin is simply apples tossed with sugar and cardamom and topped with a crust made of tiny hearts sprinkled with cinnamon sugar.  The heart shaped pie is filled with pears sauteed with vanilla and nutmeg and studded with some whiskey-soaked cherries.

They are the perfect size to sneak into your valentine’s work bag or lunch box.  Or leave one on his computer keyboard as a sweet hello.  Trust me, he’ll love it!

And because we at Rock Scissor Paper we love pie too,  here’s a free valentine card download!

Free download HERE

- Heidi

February 10th, 2012

valentine’s day treat box - free download!

Here is a Valentine treat for you! Here’s a cute little box for you to print at home, assemble and fill with some yummy treats. Perfect to give to your sweetie!

Download the printable pdf HERE.


-Susie & Heidi

January 18th, 2012

stock up on happy for the new year

a new year from susie bauer on Vimeo.

Here’s a little video we made to celebrate the new year and show off some of our newest designs. The song is called “All Smiles” by Jess Penner. Catchy, isn’t it?


-Susie & Heidi